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7 Reasons Why People Don't Like Your Green Industry Business' Facebook Page

7 reasons why people don't like your green industry business facebook page

By David Crary  

It seems like Facebook has become as much apart of our lives as our daily cup of coffee and newspaper. Whether you have chosen to use it as part of your green industry business' marketing strategy yet or not, having a professional Facebook page has a lot of up-side. Maybe you already have a Facebook page but feel like you could be generating a lot more traffic. Here are 7 reasons that can help you locate the problem and get you on track for more visitors:

1. You focus too much on your business

Top 5 Reasons to use Email Newsletters in Your Field Service Business

parade candy

By David Crary  

There really are no cons to a solid email newsletter campaign. Contrary to what you might think, the Internet is probably the most under-used source field service businesses have at their disposal.

A common example: the email newsletter. Political campaigns live and die by the strength and precision of their newsletter operations. Masterminding a sophisticated armada of newsletters gives your company’s name a chance to truly stick in the minds of your clientele, both current and potential. Strategic planning is key. There are many ways to go about this and the internet provides a vast array of tools, but here are five major reasons to start thinking about why you need an email newsletter in your field service business!

5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty in Your Field Service Business – Part 2

loyal dog

By David Crary  

Earlier, we discussed three ways to improve customer loyalty – say thank you, improve your feedback loop, and make someone responsible for customer loyalty. Today, we’re going to talk about two more ways to improve loyalty – by creating metrics and by making loyalty an internal goal. 


5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty in Your Field Service Business - Part 1

loyalty dog

By David Crary  

What is customer loyalty and how do you build it?  Actually the word loyalty means a lot of different things to different people. Think about it. It can mean being devoted, dedicated, faithful or tried-and-true. You can’t really MAKE customers “loyal”. 

What you can do is try and build a relationship with a customer that sends the message loud and clear that they’re important to you. The relationship is built on trust and trust is a customer expectation. Customers understand that your small business offers a service they need which will simplify their life. Putting the customer first is the way to build ongoing loyalty. Clearly the customer first model works well.    

5 Reasons to Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys in your Field Service Business


By David Crary  

We’re knee-deep in our annual customer satisfaction survey. It’s a lot of work – putting together the survey, sending out emails, analyzing the results – but I believe strongly that it’s one of the most important projects we do as a business. Why? Because it helps us understand what we’re doing well, what we’re not doing well and guides our business decisions in the future. And it gives a voice to our customers. 

We’re a field service software business, so we’re much different than your field service business. So should you conduct customer satisfaction surveys? Here’s five reasons we think you should: 

Mobile Field Service Software for Your Service Business


By David Crary  

With the capabilities of our mobile devices going far beyond a simple telephone call it is difficult to keep up with the potential gains we might be missing by using some unique solutions. We have compiled the following list of four applications that we believe will help you in your service business. You might need to upgrade that flip phone after all but you will be
glad you did!

  1. Mobile Field Service Software: Arm your field personnel with a tablet, smartphone, netbook, or virtually any internet-connected device, and you'll eliminate paperwork, immediately collect accurate information in the field when it happens, better control your labor costs thanks to precise time tracking, and accurately track parts. Mobile field service software makes it easy for your field personnel to record their activity in the field, turning your inefficient paper processes into well-oiled electronic ones. This software also tracks productive and unproductive time, travel time and shop time to the minute so you can ensure you're getting paid for the work that's being performed.  Field personnel can quickly indicate which parts they used, making it easy for you to include these parts on your invoices. These are just a few of the many benefits you will find by implementing field service software in your business.
  2. Square: Want to collect payment in the field? Square is a pocket size device is a credit card reader for your business. This device is compatible with mobile phones and IPads. This is a secure environment in that your customer’s credit card information is stored on the Square servers and not on your device. Customers can receive a receipt via email or text. It also has a built in tip function should your customer want to add on some extra dollars for a job well done. This is an extremely efficient way to get paid for your services ASAP in a secure environment. The cost to you is only 2.75% of the sale. Independent hairdressers, farmer’s market employees, kiosk attendants and several other businesses have adapted this brilliant device for their use. Perhaps it is right for your business?
  3. Dropbox:  This cloud document storage system is great for taking jobsite pictures and storing them online along with having documents accessible to many users. This safe environment is an ideal back-up to information stored on your mobile device in the event it is lost or damaged. You control who sees what. The cost is dependent on how much data you want to store and the number of users. It ranges from Free to $15/month for 5 users. Not a lot of money for the benefits this can bring to your business.
  4. Evernote: This organization tool is extremely valuable when using a mobile device. There are many useful applications with this software so I will highlight a few that you might find valuable. You can take photos with your phone and add them to your Evernote notebook with specific “tags” that will allow for easy future searches. You can talk into your phone and Evernote will store your information in text form and you determine which folder to store for future retrieval. Maybe you take a photo of a particular landscape that you pass that is exceptional but you don’t have the exact address. Evernote has a GPS system built in and will store the location that the photo was taken. Maybe you are browsing the internet and see a helpful webpage that you want to follow up and read more about or purchase the item offered. Simply use the “web clipper” functionality and this will get stored in your Evernote application for future reference. Organize your life, collaborate with your team and make great gains in productivity by utilizing the Evernote tool.

Hope these applications are helpful as you move forward with mobile technology in the spirit of being more productive and efficient. Share with us your thoughts on these ideas and any additional tools that you have found helpful to your service business.

Small Business Tips: 7 Creative Ways to Compensate Employees

happy birthday

By David Crary  

Sometimes doing something surprising for an employee will go a long way toward improving their loyalty. I know of a large company that has the president send a birthday card through the intercompany mail to all employees. It often includes a nice note and is personally signed. Not necessary and certainly not expected, but a very nice touch. 

We have compiled seven of our favorite ways to recognize and compensate employees below:

Service Business Marketing: How to Get Online Reviews for Your Field Service Business

thumbs up

By Chad Reinholz  

I’m an Angie’s List guy. Whenever I need a contractor for a job at my house, I consult Angie’s List to see who is highly reviewed. I’ve learned it‘s not perfect – not everyone you hire will be great – but it’s better than randomly calling people from a phone book or picking someone who spent a fortune on print or radio ads. Those folks might have a big marketing budget,  but does that mean they are good at delivering service? 

So I turn to Angie’s List and read some of the customer reviews.  I may also do a quick Google search for some of the highly rated folks to see if they have any other reviews and if they align with what Angie’s List indicates. If they Angie’s List reviews seem legit, I give them a call. In all, it’s a quick, easy way to find a contractor.

4 Things to Look for in Irrigation Business Software

irrigation business software

By David Crary  

So you’ve decided to make the switch to irrigation business software for your business? Great! Paperwork is a tried and true method for running a business, but in this industry it can also be a source of many unnecessary headaches. Maybe you’re sick of rummaging through countless piles of paper filled with messy handwriting, only to never find that one invoice you needed. Maybe you’re tired of losing money because your techs always forget to write down what parts they used. Whatever the reason may be, you want to make your life easier and your business more efficient by going electronic. But the question may be: what do I need to look for in software?

Here are the five things we think are important to have in irrigation business software.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! 4 Reasons Why Traditions Matter

st patricks day

By David Crary  

Top ‘O the Mornin’ to you! It is a fabulous day for us at Hindsite. St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of big magnitude in our home base of St. Paul, MN. The “pubs” open very early and the parade stretches for many blocks. Thousands of people line the streets for the biggest party of the year. From college days to now, I am all in when it comes to this celebration. How
can I not be with the surname of “Crary”?

When HindSite was just a couple of us, we'd close down shop and early on St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy the day together in downtown St. Paul. We can't really do that now that we've grown to the premier green industry software solution, but we'll work with a skeleton crew today.

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