10 Tasks Automated With Field Service Software

By David Crary  

Sometimes managing tasks manually is the only option you have, but if you have the opportunity to use field service software, it can change the way you do business. One of the goals of using Field Service Software is to increase your billable hours and the efficiency of your small service business. It’s fast, flexible and easy for your employees to use.

Below is a list of ten small business tasks that can be easily automated using field service software. This method of managing your business can save you time and money.


1. Syncing accounting software

Automating a paper intensive process like accounting can be very useful to a small business. Syncing accounting software may help your company with customer communication, completing work orders, billing, and invoicing, It will assist you with cash flow and will allow billing procedures to be completed in a minimum amount of time.

2. Time sheets

Using Field Service Software will help you manage employees work schedules, days off and additional workdays. It’s a simple way for you to keep accurate records regarding your employees daily work schedules. You can look over data regarding time sheets whenever you want. It’s useful information for you, your employees and possibly your customers. Field Service Software makes it easy for you to analyze the data.

3. Schedule updates

Schedule changes occur frequently when you’re running a small business. Normally when changes occur it can cause major headaches with a master schedule, but not when you’re using Field Service Software. The software allows you to make changes seamlessly with very little interruption or hassle. Employees will appreciate the flexibility of the program and customers will be pleased with how well your company adapts to the changes that are necessary to keep them happy.

4. Collecting leads

Gathering information about potential customers should be a simple task and can be made easier by using Field service software. Save the information in the software database and have easy access to add information about new customers, or edit customer contact information. What could be simpler than having access to your leads from any digital device 24/7?

5. Follow-up reminders

Customers make appointments and appreciate a reminder a few days before the services are scheduled. It’s helpful to have field service software set up to automatically email or text your customers a reminder to let them know their appointment is coming up. This is an effective way to provide follow-up and give great customer service.

6. Scheduling Recurring Jobs

One of your goals needs to be connecting and forming a solid working relationship with customers who desire repeat business. Use your Field Service Software to let current customers know about discounts, special deals, on-going service offers and continuous services you can provide that they may not be aware of. Customers are always looking for deals or services that will help make their lives easier.

7. Updating the Schedule & Calendar

Field Service Software is user friendly for your employees. As we all know, small service business schedules ebb and flow. Changes occur daily, sometimes hourly. Using a field service software program allows you to make changes whenever the schedule or calendar needs to be adjusted. Customers will appreciate working with a business that is flexible, efficient and accurate.

8. Creating Day Sheets

Field Service Software can provide day sheet templates for your employees to use. These help employees stay focused on the tasks and services they want to accomplish for the day. The software will keep track of their work priorities. They can also share day sheets with team members they may be working with. Work schedules can be accessed from home, so employees don’t have to go to the office. They can head from their home directly to a customer appointment, which means less time and money for your employees to spend on driving and gas.

9. Late Payment Reminders

Sometimes customers need a reminder about a late payment. Reminders can be set up with Field Service Software. The reminder will let the customer know that the job is complete and needs to be paid. If there is no response from the customer, it may be time to talk with them about their satisfaction with the services. Always keep the communication open with your customers. The goal is to keep your customers happy and your employees productive.

10. Recording Payments

Field Service Software will allow you to track your invoices, customer payments, customer records and job schedules when you’re on the go. If customers have any questions regarding their payments or bill, their records are at your fingertips.

You don’t have to rely on being in the office, sitting at a computer screen or looking through files of papers. Field Service Software makes it possible to access vital customer information anywhere, anytime from any digital device.


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