5 Services to Add to Your Lawn Care Business

by David Crary
23 de February de 2015

By David Crary  



When you open a lawn care business you only expect to do a few basic things: mow and edge, fertilize, and possibly do very simple landscaping. However, once you get a good reputation potential clients may start looking for different services; which you may not offer. This can lead to a loss in revenue and the loss of new clients. In order to stop this from happening you should add some services to your business once you begin to gain traction in your area. Here are 5 services you can add to your repertoire to boost your revenue. 

 Bug and Disease Treatment

Bugs and disease can be a big problem especially in yards that have a lot of bushes and trees. If you live in an area that often has bug and disease problems it might be wise to add this service to your list. Offer to treat customer’s current bug problems or pre-treat yards. This may include killing grubs so home owners do not have to even worry about the problem of living bugs. Advertise this service most heavily in the spring and summer when bugs are hatching and really becoming a problem.

 Lawn Aeration

Aeration involves puncturing soil in order to create small holes. These small holes are what allow sunlight, water, nutrients, and air to seep into the soil and get to plant roots directly. This can create a greener and more robust lawn. Advertise this service most heavily in the late spring where aeration makes the most difference in a lawn.


Depending on where you live mulching may be a big money maker for your business. Mulching involves transporting mulch to a resident and spreading it evenly in the area the homeowner wants it. Mulch is placed right over the surface of the soil and is used to maintain and sometimes even improve soil conditions. Mulch is used mostly around trees and in small gardens. You would do best to advertise this service all year round and take appointments for early and late spring. 

 Irrigation System Repair and Maintenance

An irrigation system can be as simple as one or tow sprinkle units or as complex as the system a farm would use to irrigate all of their fields. Your business will more often than not only repair and help maintain very simple systems. Irrigation systems van break easily and it is not something that every homeowner is knowledgeable about, so offering this service can generate a lot of revenue; when something involving water needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed right away. You should advertise this service all year round.

 Shrub and Bush Trimming

Shrub and bush trimming falls under the landscaping umbrella. You should hire someone who is practiced in trimming and styling bushes and shrubs. This way you can offer just basic trimming to even the shrubbery or you can offer more artistic trimming options. Offering both types of trimming will bring two different kinds of clients to your business; which is what you want. This means double the revenue and a better chance of getting your name out in the community. This is another service that you should advertise all year round, as shrubs can still sometimes be trimmed in the winter and fall if there is no snow.


These are 5 services that will take your lawn care business and catapult it even farther into success. These are services that go beyond the basics and show that you are knowledgeable and practiced as a lawn care provider.


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