[VIDEO] Field Service Management Software: Testimonials from Lawn Care Pros

Recently we held a HindSite Training Day for our local customers, most of which are Green Industry companies (irrigation, landscaping, and lawn care). We brought them in, educated them on advanced uses of our field service management software, showcased new features, and spent a lot of time listening to their concerns.

Then we brought them to our office, fed them, and even cornered a few with a handheld video camera [>insert evil laugh here<]!

What did they have to say?

  1. Scheduling and routing is important, and it works
  2. The software is user friendly
  3. The software is well supported

Scheduling software is critical to field service management. We were really happy to hear that we're doing a good job, because we understand the difference that good scheduling can have on an organization. On top of that, making a paperless system that's seamless is, in our mind, vital to the success of our customers. But most of all, just seeing happy customers is worth its weight in gold!

And so, without further ado, here they are:

Lori, from Irrigation by Design:



Bryan, from A+ Outdoor Solutions:



Jennifer, from Aqua Pro Sprinkler Systems:



Thanks guys!

And if you want to see more stories about our customers' success, check out our Stories page.
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