HVAC Service Software with a Side of Maintenance Agreements, Please!

One of HindSite’s newest items on the HVAC service software menu is effective management of maintenance agreements.  The customer pays you in advance and you agree to do work for them based on the requirements set up in the agreement.  The important thing about managing maintenance agreements is making sure nothing falls through the cracks.  You’re a busy contractor with a lot of contracts, so how do you manage it all?

The Maintenance Agreement, if it was the greatest burger ever.HindSite's newest menu item: Maintenance Agreements

  • For your bottom bun there is the ability to set up a job by selecting the customer, a service, and the number of occurrences for said job.  This is a strong suggestion from us here at HindSite.  Set up the jobs right after you make the agreement so you don’t forget to do the work you have already been paid for.

  • For the meat, “your money,” we have the ability for bills to be sent to QuickBooks for specific customers on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.  You pick the price and number of times you want the billing to occur…just like you pick your sides at your favorite restaurants.
  • To top off your burger, you can schedule the jobs for the maintenance agreement.  This “top bun” of sorts ensures everything stays together and nothing falls through the cracks.  You can decide to schedule the jobs all at once, all in to pending – a sort of holding area for upcoming work, or just schedule each job individually.

And what about the special sauce, you ask?  It’s all free and included with HindSite’s HVAC service software.  No hidden fees here.  Just update to the newest version of HindSite and you will have Maintenance Agreements served right before your eyes.

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