3 Arguments Your Staff May Use to Avoid Field Service Software (and Ways to Rebuke These Arguments)

Your office staff most likely consists of one or a few people (either family or hired) answering the phones and emails, directing your technicians to where they need to be, invoicing, etc.  They are like your home base with information traveling to and from them.  So you can bet they have their own system in place for how they do things, which is great, until you want to introduce something new.

Attempting to introduce a new system, no matter what it may be, can be a difficult process.  You have to be 100% committed and be ready to be tested on that commitment, otherwise the implementation could fail.

argumentTherefore you as an owner or manager must be ready to handle the complaints and arguments your staff will use on you.   Trust us.  As a field service software company, we’ve heard them all and actually have some tips of how to respond to said remarks.

  1. It’s not how we used to do it! – Ahhh! The dreaded change factor.  Of course it’s not how they use to do it.  That’s why you are implementing it!  The company needs a new change for the company to grow.  You can’t expect the company to stay the same forever.  That’s not a successful businesses reality.  So explain this to them.  Say yes there will be changes.  And no it will not be easy.  But it is what’s best for the company and a healthy company is much better to work for than a sick company.
  2. I don’t want to be measured!” – This is a pretty common feeling, especially when implementing a new software program or technology.  While your employees probably won’t come right out and say it, they don’t like the idea of being watched and measured.  This is understandable.  Who wants their entire work day monitored?  Well you do actually.  You need to see where your money is going and how it is being used.  A field service software program will provide a trail of your parts, labor, jobs, etc.  It will also inform you of who is really pulling their weight and being a star employee, when otherwise you may have missed it.  It will reward the better employee in the end.
  3. I don’t want to be replaced!” – Technology can replace jobs.  It’s scary and your employees have a legitimate reason to be scared of a new system.  This is where it’s your job as an owner and employer to convince employees they have job security.  You’ll still need your office staff to run this entire new program.  So if anything they are more beneficial than before because they know how to run your entire business through one system.  That’s a key person you cannot afford to lose and you need to remind them of that.

Complaints about change are bound to happen.  You as an owner need to listen to these complaints, but also stand your ground and explain to your employees why you are implementing these changes.  Your employees respect you and your decisions, so make those that will help you company grow!

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