Marketing Touch Points: Where are yours?

Touch pointsWe touch people every day.  In fact, we touch A LOT of people every day just by being business owners.  Yes, even you!  This isn’t something you can run from, so if you don’t like touching people – tough! 

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly the “touchy feely” kind of touching you are thinking of, but businesses really do touch people every day.  By touching we mean businesses have an affect on or engage people.  Someone may receive your flyer in the mail, see your truck parked outside a neighbors’ house, or get a phone call from you about an upcoming appointment.  Each of these interactions is your business touching a customer or potential customer.

What is a marketing touch point?
So why are we talking about all of this touching?  Well touching has a big impact on customers’ impressions of you.  Mike Ratchford, marketing expert, spoke recently on’s program “Marketing Touch Points.” (See the whole program here) A marketing touch point, according to Ratchford, is every time the company engages the customer.  These engagements are crucial to your business.  They keep you on customers’ minds (hopefully in a positive way), which means they think you of next time they need a service performed.

What are YOUR touch points?
Touch points vary between industries and companies based on their customers.  Some customers can only be engaged in a few ways, while others can be engaged through all different forms.  Below are some examples of touch points.

  • Website – Customers and potential customers come to your site every day.  They are looking for information, whether it be your phone number, pricing, or a list of services you provide.  This may be one of your strongest touch points based on your clientele.  Keeping your information up to date and actually useful can provide a positive touch point for your customers.
  • Telephone – When you call customers or they call you, this is yet another touch point.  You are engaged with the customer, trying to set up appointments or helping to solve an issue.  On the phone, you are usually working together to come to solution.  Your phone presence is another way you engage a customer.  Again, this can be positive or negative depending on your tone and how you handle the call.
  • Trucks – Even though this may not be your first thought when you think of things that engage customers, trucks are actually a pretty common touch point.  Trucks are seen on the road and parked in front of customer’s property.  You are showing where you work and what kind of work you do (since most company trucks are decked out in labels and sticker with what the company does on it).  If your truck isn’t displaying your company logo and a list of your services, you are missing out on a major touch point.
  • Follow Ups – Follow ups are great opportunities for touch points.  Here you are touching base with the customer to see how their experience with your company went.  Follow ups are beneficial if you need to solve a problem and also show you care enough to make sure customers are satisfied.  This is another touch point you should be consistent with.  Customers appreciate the extra effort, and your call could be just what they needed to be a satisfied customer.

Like we said before, there are many touch points out in the world. It all just depends on your company and your customers.  Touch points are valuable to your company in the marketing sense, but also in the customer service sense.  By reaching out or “touching” customers, you show you care.  So go get all touchy feely and reach out to customers!  Trust us…they will appreciate it and so will your business!

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