Mobile Field Service Software: Green is the New Black

On a recent visit with one of our customers that owns an irrigation business, I heard an interesting complaint they were getting from some of their clients. Their techs were texting while on the job! A serious concern for an owner, that someone may have been stealing his money. But he assured me his techs were actually using mobile field service softwa



This got me thinking, are our customers promoting their use of technology to do their work better and more efficiently? How are they communicating that to their clients? Do their clients know that they are operating a green, paperless business?

Probably not, so here is my advice to those of you using software for field service.

  • Add a We’re Green Badge to your Website – We’ve done all the work by creating a cool graphic you can add to your website letting customers know you’re green. By simply adding this image to your homepage, your customers and prospects will immediately see that they are partnering with an environmentally conscious company. Just by using HindSite you are showing that your office is eliminating paper waste and cutting down on fuel consumption by using service scheduling software that routes your team more efficiently.
  • Use Tablets in the Field – If it’s possible for your techs or crews in the field to use tablets - instead of cell phones to enter data - do it. Cell phones are, to many of your clients, personal devices. And if an employee is using one he must be texting instead of working. By using a tablet instead, your crews will look more professional, and you will cut down on buying replacement devices because tablets are secured in a bag or vehicle while jobs are being completed, not worn at the hip like phones.  
  • Tell your Customers about it – Maybe your customers are unaware that you operate with field service management software. This could play a vital role in renewing contracts or getting return work because they want to support anything Green. Make sure that your guys are promoting the use of technology while they are in the field. Your customers will get a warm feeling knowing they are doing something positive for the environment and a sense of security knowing that their invoice isn’t floating around a messy truck somewhere or in a stack of unfiled papers.
  • Show your Customers – Even better than telling them, have your techs show them how they’re using mobile service software to improve the customer experience. If your techs interact with their customers, have them show them how they use the software to make them more efficient, more responsive, and better able to solve problems.

The bottom line: Be proactive! For every customer that complains about your guys “texting” on the job, there are probably 5 more thinking the same thing, but aren’t calling you to complain. Get ahead of the complaints by telling them how your using green technology to improve your business and your customer service.

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