HindSite’s Weekly HindSight: The State Fair, Branding, and Derrick’s Share

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Bettering Your Lawn Care Business With the State Fairlawn care business

A lot of people tend to think of the state fair in one of two ways: delicious food overload or the last big summer activity before school starts back up.  This is true, but it also has other benefits, especially for your lawn care business.

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Our 3 Favorite “Shares” From This Week

1.       What is Branding? And Should Small Businesses Care?

If you spend any time in marketing circles or reading about marketing, you will bump into the word “branding”. Branding is one of those concepts that is a bit vague, at least for the non-marketer small-business owner. So today we’re going to look at “what is branding” from the small business perspective.

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How to Cover Your Bases When Hiring Foreign Workers

An estimated 8 million unauthorized workers were employed in the U.S. in 2010, constituting 5.2 percent of the nation’s labor force, according to a 2013 report by the Migration Policy Institute. Although it can be tempting to hire undocumented immigrants to undercut the competition, small-business owners who employ ineligible workers not only be fined and face jail time, but also find themselves thesubject of bad press.

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Deciding Whether It Is Time to Revamp a Web Site

I have been mulling a project since the beginning of the year — an update of my Web site. There’s nothing exactly wrong with it. We’re getting calls and making sales, and that is the ultimate test of the effectiveness of marketing, but there are aspects of it that I don’t like. Before I make any moves, though, I thought I’d throw my problem out to you and see what wisdom the crowd has to offer.

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Derrick’s Post

Hey guys.  My name is Derrick and I am a Developer with HindSite.    I am usually the one working directly under Big Mike, and am the newbie in the developer’s group.  Since I am a developer, I chose to go show my nerd side and share an article and video about Razer.  Razer is a company mainly focused on gaming mice and keyboards, so if you have any interest in either of those, you should definitely check out the video below!


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