How Service Scheduling Software Makes a Sale

By David Crary  

service scheduling softwareAll great sellers use tools to help make their sale.  And did you know that you have an industry tool you can use to make the sale?  That tool is service scheduling software.

Not only will service scheduling software make your business more efficient in its every day processes, it can also help you to make those sales you otherwise may have missed.  How you ask?  Let’s delve in a little deeper:

Making appointments – While service scheduling software does allow you to schedule your services, it can also be used to make appointments with potential customers.  You’d be surprised what making an appointment can do to help you get a sale.  An appointment shows you are as interested in the customer as they are in you.  It shows you will take the time to evaluate their property and get to know them.  This builds a stronger relationship when you put in this simple effort and can certainly help you stand out against customers.

You can schedule a time to meet for everything from an estimate, to just a meet and greet and on to the first appointment.  All of this can be done in the office or in the field on site, allowing you to never forget about that potential sale.  It can be difficult to manage all of your current customers along with potential ones so scheduling the appointment as soon as a time and date are agreed upon is a great way to not let it slip through the cracks.

Having the knowledge – With service scheduling software, you have access to a contact’s history.  This is a huge tool for you to have access to.  If you can see every note made about the prospect since you have started to reach out to them, you will come off a lot more knowledgeable.

I know when I have someone working on my house, I don’t like to answer the same questions I answered to the last guy that was here from the same company.  It tells me the company does not communicate that well nor really know the work they have done or are doing on my property.

This is also a great feature for current customers and making that extra sale.  You can see what services they have purchased from you and market to them based on what they tend to buy.  Perhaps they are having you plow for them but aren’t taking advantage of your deicing services.  Or perhaps they are using your for mowing, but don’t even know you offer snow removal services.  Everything that has been done on the property can be recorded so you and your crews have knowledge for the next interaction.

Tracking the sales process – If you are lucky enough to have a service scheduling software like HindSite, then you will have access to sales reports.  These reports can be run however often you would like and will provide information on where each lead stands within your sales process.

The reports can inform you if a potential customer is on the schedule sometime in the future to be in contact with or if you or your sales team needs to get in contact and set up the next phase of the sales process.  Knowing where you stand with each potential client allows you to not waste your time, and more importantly, not waste your potential customer’s time which could cause them to feel less entitled to use your company.

You have many tools within your field service business that you use.  The trick to learn is that most can be used as multipurpose tools.  Reevaluate your sales process and see if your field service software can help you to grow your business in more ways than one.

Looking for alternative ways to sell your business?  Your website is actually a place to help you make a sale.  Check out our 6 Requirements for a Website that Sells to make your website and business more “sellable”.

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