Why You Don’t Need To Hire Someone To Do Your Service Business Marketing

by David Crary
04 de December de 2013

service business marketingWhen we are faced with something we don’t know how to do or how to handle, we usually ask for help.  When we have a leak, we call the plumber.  When we get a new phone, we ask a friend or family member to explain how it works.  When I can’t figure out how to properly cook a meatloaf the way my mom perfectly does, I call her up and ask for help.

The point is, when faced with something we don’t understand, we are usually reaching out to others for a solution.  This can happen a lot within your business as well and I have heard it is happening more and more when it comes to service business marketing.  Most of those in the field service industry did not sign up for marketing.  But that does not mean you need to hire an extra employee or a firm to handle your marketing.  You can do a lot of major marketing and advertising for your business, while still handling all of your other responsibilities.

Here are some tips:

  • Truck as Advertising – One of the simplest ways to get your marketing underway is to brand your truck.  Get your logo, a few services and a phone number on each of the trucks that go out to job sites.  Not only is this a good thing to have so your customers recognize you when you pull up in front of their property, it’s also a good marketing tool.

    There is not a much better way to sell someone on your services then to let them see your work first hand.  With your truck parked out front and the evidence of your work front and center, neighbors will take note and most likely be calling you next time around.

  • Social Media in Under 5 Minutes a Day – Since just about everyone and their grandma has a social media account of some sorts these days, this is one of the easiest ways to reach people.  Whether it be Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, connect with your customers and the community around you.

    Post pictures of your work on customers’ properties so their friends can see the great job you do.  Post special discounts and offers when you have them, you never know who may have “liked” or “followed” you and is looking for a good deal.  And if you have nothing to say, don’t post.  One of the hardest parts of having a social media account is thinking you have to say or post something every day.  If you have nothing to offer, don’t post.  Your followers will appreciate you only sharing when it benefits them.
  • Referral Program – To boost your name in your community even more, ask for customer referrals.  Set up a referral program with your customers.  Offer a discount of a service or some type of gift for every referral they give you or for every referral that turns in to a customer.

    This is one of the best ways to market yourself because you are asking people you already know like your services to promote you to their friends. 

Marketing within the field service industry is usually not the most fun process.  But before you go out and hire a firm to cover your advertising, consider taking it on yourself.  It is possible to promote your business and its services without spending a fortune on outside help.

Having trouble deciding the right message to send?  Check out our Mindful Marketing Worksheet to keep you focused when working on your marketing projects.


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