Top 5 Reasons to use Email Newsletters in Your Field Service Business

By David Crary  

There really are no cons to a solid email newsletter campaign. Contrary to what you might think, the Internet is probably the most under-used source field service businesses have at their disposal.

A common example: the email newsletter. Political campaigns live and die by the strength and precision of their newsletter operations. Masterminding a sophisticated armada of newsletters gives your company’s name a chance to truly stick in the minds of your clientele, both current and potential. Strategic planning is key. There are many ways to go about this and the internet provides a vast array of tools, but here are five major reasons to start thinking about why you need an email newsletter in your field service business!

1. The baseline goal of an effective newsletter is always the same – maintain a rapport with customers. You can take your ‘temperature’ with surveys and quizzes that can provide feedback as to what needs improvement and how engaged your client base is to your brand. This can be fun for you and the client! Develop a professional, yet light-hearted, relationship built on these exchanges. It is crucial to the point of over exaggeration for your company to keep customers from losing sight that they are your company’s priority NUMERO UNO.

2. The quickest way to keep customers engaged is to provide them what they want to know! Better yet, show them improved ways of learning about your business! Any enterprise can have a helpful staff, but nowadays you need to do more than just have a dish of “Helpful Hints” or “Tricks of the Trade” variety candies in your lobby. You need to throw them out on the street parade-style! Don't lose your customers by hoping to meet them halfway. Throw out a line and make it easier for them to find you in the cyclone of internet traffic that stands in your way.

parade candy

3. Newsletters can also be the quickest and most direct way to showcase your company’s efforts to improve. This is where showcasing your ability to command the internet’s mediums come in handy. Post a photo album of a job well done. Put up graphs that showcase how well the company has been performing. Create a hyperlink to a video with positive customer reviews on-site! Has your company expanded to include new territory? Have you merged with another group? Have you bought new field service software to optimize your business and deliver a better customer experience? A quick-draw newsletter could be the difference between a lack-luster expansion and a galvanized marketing push.

4. A well-written story of success, or even a minute passage under a snapshot, can also make a dramatic difference. A relatable tale of straight-shooting business practice underscored by satisfied customer reviews is perfect for distinguishing your company as a reputable field service business. This is also a way for the customer to identify his/herself as more than just a potential client. A customer wants to feel that choosing your company was the best decision they could have made! This gives your company a unique marketing angle to play up what has been going especially well!

5. Emailing newsletters is CHEAP. There is universally no doubt that the Internet is the quickest, most inexpensive, and most direct means of maintaining client relationships available in today’s world. Setting up these chains is a good step towards allowing your business to fully immerse itself into the benefits of the technology sector, as well as service business marketing solutions available to your growing enterprise! In a nutshell, the best way to grow your business is to capitalize on all the tools available with the touch of a keystroke. Without a grounded knowledge and familiarity with these largely inexpensive resources, you probably aren't making the most of your marketing potential!

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6 Requirements for a Website That Sells

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