5 Reasons to 'Go Green' (and Blue!) for your Green Industry Business!

By David Crary  

It seems obvious that a green industry business would want to “Go Green!” However, you might not have fully discovered the true benefits that come with keeping your business efficient and waste-free! 

1. The first thing that comes to mind whenever someone mentions “going green,” be it business-related or otherwise, is intuitive to everyone – save green! There’s an interesting correlation between controlling costs with tools like field service software and also saving other types of ‘green’ materials, paper especially. This is probably the closest to a true win-win-win scenario for any field service business. On one hand, you are eliminating paper costs that compound over time. On another hand, you begin to immerse your company into the modern world by relying on modern technology. Finally, on the other, OTHER hand, you can market this in your sales pitch! People respond to companies who market a firm stance against waste. This is especially pertinent if you’re a green industry business. If you can show you don’t waste your own resources, a potential client will feel confident that you won’t waste their investment.

2. Speaking of waste, there has been an upsurge in public awareness of the dangers of chemical spills or leaks. A green industry business may not be in the precarious position of a nuclear power-plant or a coal-mining factory, but these concerns permeate down the line to your clientele regardless! With that in mind, you should make yourself aware of all the options available. Eliminating chemical by-products, be it harmful repellants or even just printer ink, is a solid mindset to have when making decisions about what resources you need. It may come down to deciding whether you want to save in the short-term or have confidence in the long-run!

3. Investment is key to all business practices. That is why exploring options in the form of biofuels and battery power may be critical to your green industry business. You can see that this trend has become popular in all walks of life. Businesses everywhere are looking to capitalize on the next big innovation in technology to make it easier to rely on alternative sources of energy. If the investment is worth it in their specs, IT’S WORTH IT FOR YOU, TOO! Cleaner energy usage has become synonymous with responsibility in today’s world. You will begin to notice the lack of environmental impact left behind by your day-to-day operations, and so will your customers! So consider biodiesel, natural gas or even battery powered lawn equipment in your green industry business to reduce your emissions - and even save you some green.


4. Don’t stop at green, GO BLUE! Any green industry business must be conscientious of one resource in particular: water. Water is essential and conserving its waste is another beast to consider entirely. But, as with all previously blogged-about obstacles, there are many tools available to help. Promoting remote smart controllers, micro irrigation, and drip irrigation can be a perfect start! Conserving water, especially if you’re not a frequenter of the coasts, is important to everyone! It makes your customers happy, and it can get you on good terms with the local Department of Water and Power.

5. It seems like an old hack, but… It will always, always, always, be a good and sustainable business practice to recycle and reuse resources. A company that is meticulous about producing and re-producing (not reproducing, save that for doctors!), will always find themselves with less issues to deal with during day-to-day operations. Making waste, like making mistakes, compounds on itself. Some big-name companies have departments whose sole purpose is to handle waste issues. This might not LITERALLY be garbage that they’re dealing with, but waste is waste, no matter what you call it. Having less of it now means having more time to devote yourself to growing your company in the future! 


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The 15 Emails Your Service Business Must Send

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