The Two Sides of Field Service Software Benefits

By David Crary  

For those in the field service industry, increasing productivity, efficiency, and organization at every level within a company is essential for continued success. That’s where field service software proves its value. Green industry contractors, pest control specialists, maintenance companies, pool cleaners, electricians, and plumbers are just a few of the industries and specialties that can benefit from field service software. Here are some ways software can improve your business for owners, office managers, and every individual worker.

How Owners Can Benefit From Field Service Software

Owners often have to juggle multiple tasks at once to keep their business running smoothly, ensure customers are satisfied, and keep their overhead down to maintain profitability. Unfortunately, many owners either aren’t using field service software or aren’t using a software package that fulfills all their needs. Here are some of the key areas that make life easier for owners with a comprehensive software package:


  • Reducing Overhead – Software helps dramatically reduce overhead by allowing you to go paperless, spend less employee hours on invoicing and payroll, and produce daily productivity reports to identify the best and worst workers to quickly take action where inefficiency is concerned. Service software also allows you to quickly plan the most efficient route for your employees to reduce to gas usage and do more with less employees.


  • Boost Revenue – There are numerous ways to boost revenue through software. You can track the materials you use for each job to better manage your inventory and improve resource usage, leverage mobile software to provide workers with easy to access pre-written notes and details for each job to make sure jobs are done the right way for every customer. This attention to detail and job precision will make you customers much more likely to recommend you to others in their network of friends and family.


  • Streamline Customer Communication – The best software platforms have intuitive and useful field service customer relationship management (field service CRM) capabilities. That means you can effectively communicate with customers through automatic surveys and assessments to improve your business after each job. It also means that every specific customer need is stored and easily accessible for workers, including specific details like the name of a customer’s guard dog, their home’s security codes, and exactly what services they want so the job is done right the first time. Afterwards, generate an automatic e-mail for customers to provide job details and costs to increase brand loyalty. 

Why Office Managers Need Field Service Software

For many field service industries and companies, office managers play a vital role in managing day-to-day operations. Field service software serves an essential role in making your office manager’s job easier and far more productive, allowing them to multi-task, quickly pull up essential data, and stay on top of every aspect of a field service business.

  • Organize Work Orders – Using field service software, an office manager can easily track all work orders, specific work order details, who was involved on a job, and even set up recurring work orders for return customers. Office managers can also use mass scheduling to quickly organize large contract projects for jobs like lawn mowing, pool maintenance or fertilizations for an entire month in just minutes.


  • Send Automatic Reminders – Software can send you automatic reminders about jobs that are incomplete, and set notifications for office managers to stay on top of important deadlines, work orders, unpaid bills, and other tasks that need attention. That means field service software can help remove human error from the business equation, and help office managers do more than ever during the workday.   


  • Build An Electronic Trail For Quick Reference – When you’re running a business, you don’t only want to record every important bit of information, but you also want to be able to quickly access this information on the fly. Software builds a complete database of every job, every cost, electronic customer signatures, and log all transaction information directly into QuickBooks or Sage, leaving you with an electronic trail that’s easy to trace.

As you can see, software is necessary for today’s modern business environment, helping businesses get the job done from the point an order is received to the point the customer is invoiced. Consider the above essential benefits when you’re thinking whether software is right for you.


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