How to Buy Snow Removal Software for your Field Service Business

By David Crary  


It may seem crazy (and even foolish) to think about the mere thought of snow during the glorious month of July. However, it's never too early (or too warm) to be perfecting the ins and outs of your business. One of the things that will make your snow removal business more efficient is the utilization of snow removal software. Whether you offer different services during the summer months or not, I'm sure you're a little less busy and a lot less stressed when there isn't any snow around. So, maybe take this time to look into some brand spankin' new snow removal software. Here are some simple steps you should consider taking:

1. Research vendors. You want to make sure you're weighing all of your options. You wouldn't buy a car without looking at all possibilities first so you shouldn't buy your software without doing the same. Consider price, efficiency, accessibility, etc. Perhaps request a trial run for a few and find out which ones are easiest for you and your employees to learn. This software is going to save you time in the long run, taking the extra time to pick the right program won't hurt. 

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2. Ask your peers for recommendations. Lets go back to the car situation. Maybe your friend has the same car you want to buy. I can bet that you're going to ask him about how it runs, the gas mileage, the sound system, the interior seating, even the cupholders. Since they are your friends, they are going to be honest. Now, apply this situation to snow removal software and do the same thing. You really want to hear honest opinions about the software because you are going to be using it after all. 

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3. Visit seller websites and watch their demos. Most vendors will offer free demos online to watch. Perhaps some will even offer tutorial walk-throughs. Make sure to utilize these! A snow removal software demo may not sound like the most exciting video game but neither does dealing with a bunch of paperwork from all of your customers during the snowy winter months.


4. Call the vendor's references. References will be a big help in determining the right software for your business. Make sure to utilize them. They will be honest with you while also giving the highlights of the software.  Without references, you could be playing roulette with your company's success.  Always research and check references before purchasing anything that could have a large effect on the business. 


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