How to Make a Great Lawn Care Flyer

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The flyer has been and (probably) always will be the go-to marketing ploy for lawn care businesses. A lawn care flyer is relatively cheap, easy to measure, flexible way to market your business to a large audience. But it’s only as effective as the flyer you send. Simply sending a flyer doesn’t guarantee results but sending a great flyer - one that possesses certain attributes - can increase your ROI.


How to Make a Great Lawn Care Flyer


Catch ‘em with the Headline

The best headlines grab that human thread that we all share and pulls the reader in. That thread can be any emotion that invites a reader to participate in the rest of your flyer. One of my favorite advertisers of all time is Tom McElligott. He basically rewrote the way businesses advertised during the 1980s. And McElligott’s philosophy can be boiled down to this one quote from him, “I’d much rather overestimate the intelligence of the consumer than underestimate it.”

A thoughtful headline is the one thing that can save your flyer from the trash. Below are a few examples of some the best headlines ever written. Of course, these are merely motivation that taking time to think and write a solid headline is worth the effort.



Simple & Brief

The less information there is to digest the more likely the person holding it will be able to understand what’s being offered and do what’s asked of them. And it’s not just about the amount of information, it’s about how you organize the details. Whether it’s using a grid to optimize the flyer’s space or listing benefits with easy-to-digest bulletpoints, there are certain methods that make a flyer less busy. One of the first step to every effective flyer is only including relevant information and organizing it with enough white space so it doesn’t look like a burden to read.


Who’s the Reader?

The best marketing - the kind that impacts a business’s bottom line - knows its audience. The voice of your message should be one that your customer understands and relates to. This isn’t exactly easy to do but it starts by putting yourself in their shoes. What are their needs? What are their challenges? What does their day look like? Asking questions like these can help you understand - not just the right tone - but also the right messaging.


What’s the Deal?

If you’re sending out a flyer because of a special deal or discount make sure the reader can easily understand that’s the reason they received your flyer. There are a few ways to do this. One way is to have your headline play off the offer. Another way is to have the flyer’s layout highlight the deal by using design elements to accentuate a certain area.


Separate Yourself

There’s probably a good chance your lawn care flyer isn’t the only one they’ll be reading. If there’s something your business does that you believe truly separates you from the competition it should be in your flyer.



This should go without saying but I’ve received plenty of business flyers with spelling errors and design blemishes. Not only should you take one last look at your final draft before sending it to the printers but ask someone else to do the same. An extra set of eyes can only help your flyer.



What to Include in Your Lawn Care Business Flyer


Contact Info & Logo: The customer should know exactly who sent them the flyer.

Social Media Connection: Nowadays everyone and their mom is on social media so invite them to connect with your business.

Engaging Visuals: Whether it’s beautiful photography or a clean layout, the right visual can suck the reader into your flyer.

Call to Action: Whether it’s visiting your website or giving you a call, after you give them the relevant info, let them know what they need to do next.

White Space: This is the space that’s absent of any text, photography or design elements - similar to the headline, having the right ratio of white space will grab and maintain the reader’s attention.


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