How to Sell Your Green Industry Company to Prospective Employees

Small business owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring employees. We don’t have the name recognition, the brand reach, or the human resources department with specialized recruiters. Irrigators and lawn & landscape companies need to offset our disadvantages. We have to sell what we have to offer. Let’s think about how we might do that. 

Environment & Green Industry Go Hand-In-Hand

Invite them into a mission. Many have said millennials and Gen Zers are looking for more than a job. They want to become part of something bigger. We need to learn how to translate what we do as a mission. Those that can do this successfully will hire better and more talented workers than their competitors. Let me provide an example.

Here is an example of an environmental “one-liner” for recruiting employees:

“Climate change is real and the temperatures are steadily rising around the globe. Fossil fuels as we all know are huge contributors to climate change. Good trees and landscaping create cooler temperatures in the summer providing for less fossil fuel usage (air conditioning) where trees are well maintained.  Plus, trees capture carbon as well! Be part of the solution by installing and maintaining landscapes with us at Great Landscapes Solutions!”

If climate change doesn’t trip your trigger there are other “appeals”. One of my favorites is learning how to run a small business. Your employees could wear many hats not just be stuck in one confining silo. Many people don't want to be stuck in an office. For a design-build landscaping company, it could go something like:

“Nobody really wants to be stuck in an office all day. We get it, that’s why we’re landscapers and we’re looking for others to break the mold. So step out of the repetitive rut and into a job that requires so many hats you’ll need to build a hat rack. From selling new business to designing and building your own landscapes to learning all of the ins and outs of a small business operation, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.”


“Shake your brain, figure it out,” says Rafi. Figure out your mission. Figure out a mission that makes sense to millennials and Gen Zers. If you do that and you can communicate that mission, your recruiting will get easier.


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