Snow Removal Business: How to turn your business into a great one

By David Crary

You work hard. Running your business can be tough, but it’s worth it. You want all your hard work to really pay off and make your business turn out great. So what can you do? You want to invest your time well so it makes a big difference and raises your business to the next level. Here are 8 business tips I’ve found that can make a good business into a great one:

1. Research your market

What services are people in your area really looking for? Survey your current customers, look at the demographics of the area and ask around town. If you don’t know what people really want, how can you market yourself effectively or serve customers well? Don’t spin your wheels trying to sell sidewalk plowing to a community without sidewalks. After you know what your potential customers want, every minute you work will be more focused in a useful direction.

2. Increase efficiency

Use fewer resources to do the same amount of work. This is easy with snow-removal software. Software will help you stream line your routes, automatically create invoices and organize your business so no balls get dropped. According to a recent survey, snow-removal businesses that used software were almost 20% more likely to see their revenue increase from the previous year compared to those without specialized software. Check out all the snow removal industry findings here.

3. Communicate better

Be the most communicative snow removal business in town. Talk to your customers. Get information out to prospects. Be there for people with questions. Be present, listen and provide insight that will place you above the competition. Get your name out there and show your community that you are the experts. Try content marketing to establish yourself as an industry leader. Also, stay on top of communication with your clients, emailing and calling right away when you should. Make sure you find out what your clients’ preferred method of communication is so you can accommodate them.

4. Lower overhead

The best way to lower overhead in a snow-removal business is to go paperless. This is easy with specialized software. Email invoices and other communication whenever possible. Another way to lower overhead is just to look around for things you don’t use every day or that you have too many of. Do you really need an office, or can you work from home? Maybe you still have a landline phone when you could be using your cellphone, Skype or GoogleVoice. Another way to save is to hire employees who can fill in for multiple tasks, like an office assistant who can also trouble-shoot electronics and write or edit marketing materials. Get all you can out of what you need, and get rid of anything you don’t need.

5. Upgrade your equipment

Set yourself up for success and place yourself above the competition with better equipment. You’ll do your jobs better and impress your clients, which will attract more customers. Better equipment can also mean fewer wages to pay, which can save you money in the long run.

6. Automate

Make your life easier by automating your business with software. Send emails, invoices and alerts automatically instead of doing it by hand and opening yourself up to more human error. There is no better way to improve your business than to organize it with software to keep everyone on track. Everything just falls into place when you automate your business with software.

7. Ask the customers

Want to be a better business? Ask your customers what they think with surveys and questionnaires. How can you improve if you don’t know what you are doing right and wrong? Find out what makes clients happy and do more of that! Find out what they hate and cut it out! Communicate with your employees and keep everyone abreast with how you are doing with customer satisfaction. Reward employees who are making customers happy.

8. Clean up

Get organized with every report and daily task. Of course, this is super easy with software, but with our without it, take charge of your business and don’t let anything slip between the cracks. You are a professional. Show your community how professional you and your crew are with everything you do every day.


You have worked hard to build your business, and now you can bring it to the next level. Pick something off this list and make it happen. Take little steps each day to make your company stand out above the rest. Your bottom line will thank you.


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