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Top 20 Quotes from the 2018 Green Industry Benchmark Report

Mar 28, 2018

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To create the 2018 Green Industry Benchmark Report we compiled and analyzed responses from nearly 300 professionals. A few of the questions asked for a written response because we thought there was nobody more qualified to provide industry insights and advice. The two questions were “What advice would you give to a new contractor starting a business?” and “What marketing advice would you give to other green industry businesses?”

Along with the standard survey, Chad Reinholz, HindSite’s Marketing Manager, conducted interviews with five green industry professionals - each offering a different, yet valuable, perspective. Whittling down the list of quotes was no easy task but after much deliberation we were left with 20 gems that offer a keen and unique glimpse into the industry.


Top 20 Quotes from the 2018 Green Industry Benchmark Report


20. “Don't be a low-baller, work to make a living not a day’s pay.”


19. [On one area of business they’d like to improve] “We would like to see immigration paths created to renew [workers] who are expired but are still here and want to work.”

18. [On marketing] “Use the right message, in the right medium to the right customer.”

17. “If someone is looking to do irrigation work, I would advise them to have certifications and experience in their field and work in a state that requires and enforces licenses.”

16. “Offer great service consistently - don’t slack as your customer base grows.”

15. “Be kind and helpful to everyone, customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and colleagues. Then what you reap in return will be amazing.”

14. “Have a plan [for your business] and embrace technology.”

13. “After 31 years in this business, we have survived well by satisfying our customers in the best way we can. Our retention rate was in the high 90% range during this time. I am now getting ready to retire sometime this season or next.”

12. “Stay focused on customer service, that is what makes or breaks a service oriented business.”

11. “Today you have to be on the internet. Period. Spend some money and learn how to do digital marketing properly. Thousands of [dollars] are wasted on ineffective or outdated web pages and strategies.”

10. “Plan to go to War everyday! Plan to fight your way thru employees, customer payments, government regulation, Insurance Compliance, Weather, competition, and on and on.”

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9. “Use multiple methods of marketing and track your results to see what is successful.”

8. “Very important to have a marketing plan in place that is consistent and professional. it doesn't have to be expensive.”

7. “Prepare to give up a normal life for at least part of year. Try to find other people in same business to network with, often they are the only ones to understand what you are going through.”

6. “Marketing works. Find your best customers. Where do they shop, eat, play? Hit those spots with ads. [Then] send out a "special offer/coupon/free service" flyer to qualified lead. It's a small price to pay that can double your client base in a single season.”


Top 5 Quotes

5. “Customers now are way more intelligent. They can go on Google and learn, which helps me because a lot of [the competition] out there are just making it up as they go. So customers can educate themselves before I show up and then when I tell them what my thoughts are they know that I’m being honest with them.”

4. “Every market is going to have its own culture. Identify that culture, and learn how to speak their language.”


3. “Most important is to learn to put down the tools and learn to lead and manage.”

2. “Take business and accounting classes. Being a great landscaper doesn't necessarily make a profitable career if you are not a business-oriented person.”

1. “I think it’s a matter of communication. You’ve got to let customers know what’s going on. Once the customer knows what’s happening they’re not surprised. The worst thing you can do is surprise a customer. If they’re happy with the communication, they’re happy with the job [then] you’ll get more work from them down the road. You do that for a few years and it tends to start to mushroom and you’re never without anything to do. It’s a matter of communication. It’s actually surprising how many contractors don’t communicate.”


If you're hungry for some more green industry knowledge, click on the image below to download the full (and free) report.

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