What Millennials Can Do To Land A Field Service Leadership Role


By Taylor Tuomie

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials. Generation Y’ers(born early 1980’s to early 2000’s) are coming to an age where they can be regularly considered for leadership roles in most businesses. While they might get a bad rap for the things we hear about all the time, like they’re lazy or entitled, there are quite a few studies that say otherwise. Regardless of your notions of this younger generation, they’re a large portion of today’s workforce and that cannot be ignored. This is especially the case for field services industries such as lawn maintenance, irrigation and other lines of physically taxing work.

Millennials are needed for these types of jobs. And as they stay with a company long enough and continue to build their skills, they will eventually land leadership roles for these field service businesses. How can they ensure that they are considered the next time there is an opening? What can they do to solidify a promotion? Here are 6 ways that Millennials can land leadership roles for field services companies.



Communication is key for Millennials who want to land a leadership roles in field service businesses. If you’re a Millennial, one of your best weapons in your arsenal is to let your current leadership know what your goals and aspirations are. Odds are, your current boss is going to want to keep you with your company for as long as possible. If they know of your goals, if a position does open up, you might be considered. In a study done by Deloitte, a large business consultancy, they saw that 25% of Millennials are asking for a chance to show their leadership skills. It is important for them to continue asking for these chances.

Learn as much as possible

One of the best ways that Millennials can increase their chances of landing a leadership role at a field service business is to educate themselves. If you make an intentional effort to learn as much as possible while you’re on the job, it will be noticed. It will not only make you a more capable employee, but it will also make you much more indispensable to your business.

Act the part

Millennials get pegged as immature and unprofessional. By and large, this is just a preconceived notion that older generations make. Even if it is an unfair assumption, you need to do your best to kick that image. If you want to land the leadership role, act like a leader. Do the right things consistently, when others are watching and when they aren’t. Make it a habit. Carry yourself in a professional manner and you’ll be treated like a professional, by your customers and your boss.

Take initiative

One way that Millennials can stand out and work their way into leadership roles for field service businesses is by taking initiative. This might mean showing leadership on a certain job that might require a decision to be made.

Another way that Millennials can show initiative is by organizing volunteer events for their field services team. They claim the highest volunteer rates in recent history, so it would be a great way of showing off your leadership chops while also doing some good for your community!

Be part of the team

Another reason why Gen Y might get a bad reputation is that they aren’t always involved. If you want a leadership role, you have to prove that you can be part of the team. If you’re working for a field service business, this might mean being more active in any meetings, or making an effort to teach inexperienced employees or even simple things, like going to lunch with your co-workers every once in awhile.

Use tech appropriately

This might be one of the biggest sticking points for managers that give them a bad attitude towards Millennial employees. Simply put, put down the smartphone if you want to be considered for a leadership position at your field service business. I worked for a tennis court resurfacing business for a few years. If I had a dollar for every time that my boss yelled at my co-workers for being on their phone, I would have made more money from that than on my regular wages!

Maybe I should have disclosed this earlier, but I, Taylor, am also a Millennial. I like my technology, I like my social media and there are times that I mix those things with my work. There are times when it is appropriate to mix tech and work and then there is the time where it isn’t. You don’t need to be live Tweeting your work day.

One way that you could take initiative is by taking charge of your business’ social media accounts. If you don’t have them and you know you could manage it without interfering with your regular job, this could be a great way to show leadership!



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