5 Sun Safety Tips for Pool Services Professionals


I just got back from a four day, 1,600 mile long motorcycle trip to the Black Hills, South Dakota. If you’re a biker and have gotten to take a long road trip like that, you know a few important things that you should do in order to make the trip a safe and fun one. Being prepared and not taking unnecessary risks is important for you to arrive at your destination safely.

One thing that I was not entirely prepared for was the intensity of the sun. I brought enough sunscreen, tried to keep my skin covered and made sure I was drinking as much water as possible. But, as I’m writing this, I’m working from home because I’m sick. And I’m going to go ahead and blame it on a little bit too much sun.

It got me thinking, what could I have done differently and what should people that spend a majority of their time outdoors for their professions do? If you’re a pool service professional, you know that the sun can make your job difficult and potentially dangerous. Not only can UV rays cause skin cancer, intense heat can have other dangerous health risks. Here are 5 tips to that can help keep you safe in the sun. 


Know the UV index for the day

Before you head out each day, know what the UV index is for the day. Even if the temperature is a bit cooler, that doesn’t mean that the UV index isn’t high. The Mayo Clinic says that the sun’s UV rays can cause damage in as little as 15 minutes if your skin is exposed. Pool service professionals will spend a majority of their day in the sun. They work during the summer months, when the temperature is hot and they’re typically on the job during the sun’s peak hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Knowing how high the UV index is can help you prepare for the day.


Clothing is better than sunscreen

Covering your skin completely is a better option than just using sunscreen. As a pool service professional, this might be difficult to do since it is so warm outside. While it isn’t always the most comfortable option, it is the best protection against the sun. There is protective clothing available now that is comfortable for warmer weather. While in the past, this type of UV protective, breathable clothing was expensive, there are quite a few inexpensive options.


Always opt for the higher SPF

While the standard recommended sunscreen used to be a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15, the American Academy of Dermatology now recommends using a minimum of SPF 30. It is important to reapply at least every two hours. The AAD says that it doesn’t matter if it is cloudy outside, you still are at risk. As a pool service professional, you are exposed to the sun constantly and because of that, you should be diligent in applying sunscreen to protect yourself.

Get a good hat

One recommendation that medical professionals have made is to wear a wide brim hat that protect your face, ears and neck. These are all parts of your body that are otherwise exposed and all have sensitive skin that is prone to getting burned.


Stay hydrated

This last tip is important because often times the effects of dehydration can sneak up on people without them even knowing. Dehydration can cause severe internal damage that can be life threatening. Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty, because that might mean you’re already dehydrated. Make a point to do it regularly throughout the day.


Now that your staying safe in the sun, how about caring for the safety of your pool business? Download our free eBook 15 Tips to Gain and Retain Pool Service Customers today! 



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