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June 30, 2017 0 min read

Whether you own an irrigation or a HVAC business or any other kind of field service business, there's a chance your employees are put in potentially dangerous situations every day. From practical training to recording and learning from every accident - here's what you can do to promote a safe and productive workplace. 

June 23, 2017 13 min read

Last weekend while at a buddy’s bachelor party, I left my $170 sunglasses on the bus that was driving us around to the local watering holes. Who knows what caused my lack of respon...

June 28, 2016 3 min read

I just got back from a four day, 1,600 mile long motorcycle trip to the Black Hills, South Dakota. If you’re a biker and have gotten to take a long road trip like that, you know a few important things that you should do in order to make the trip a safe and fun one. Being prepared and not taking unnecessary risks is important for you ...

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