5 Ways to Innovate Your Green Industry Business

By David Crary  


It can be tough to find creativity and innovation in every day life, especially when it comes to business. Even more so, it can be difficult to incorporate new and innovative processes into your green industry business. As entrepreneurs, we can find inspiration in so many things. All it takes is a few minutes to just open your eyes and look around you! You would be surprised by just how many things spark new ideas and innovations. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie - do whatever you have to do to help you brainstorm. In addition, here are five great ways to reignite the fire within your green industry business:

1. LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! This will never get old and I will never get tired of saying it. Customers are the number one way to get ideas and, most importantly, to find out if those ideas would be well-received and popular. Make a survey and get it out to your customers. Document it by using your software and keeping track of the ideas. Even if you don't use them in the immediate future, you'll thank yourself for them later.

2. Secondly, but by no means less important, LISTEN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES. I will never grow tired of saying this either. They are, quite literally, the face of your company. They are the frontline of your business. They live out your business' values and morals each and every day and keep your customers coming back. Find out what ideas they have and use them! You hired them not only for their cheery demeanor but also for their wonderful brains.

3. Talk to your green industry peers. No one ever said a litte competition ever hurt anybody. Attend tradeshows and get outside perspectives. Gain insight from competitor's. Not only will it help you gain a fresh take, the little extra competition may also inspire you.

4. Talk to businesses that aren't in the green industry. What are they doing to satisfy their customers? What lengths are they willing to go? Use their ideas and translate them to your own method. How do they connect with their customers and how do they add to their small business' value? It doesn't matter if you're a software company, an ice cream shoppe, or a green industry business, customer service is a universal language.

5. Do not be afraid to try something innovative. If you're ever lying in bed one night and have an amazing idea, write it down! Keep a journal full of them. When you are feeling ready to take the leap, try one of your ideas out. Even if the idea fails, you and your company will learn something and that's never a bad thing. 


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