[Infographic] Benchmarking Your Green Industry Business

By Chad Reinholz

I've talked to enough green industry business owners to know that they often feel isolated. They struggle to know how their business compares to their competitors.

To help, every year we publish a Green Industry Benchmark Report designed to show them how their business stacks up. The 30-page report is full of information about sales practices, field service software usage, challenges, expectations for 2015 and much much more.

To help introduce you to the 2015 Green Industry Benchmark Report, we created a brief infographic with some of the key pieces of data.

 Note: You can click on the image to see a larger version.

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"83% of green industry businesses expect to grow their revenue in 2015."

Tweet: 83% of #greenindustry businesses expect to grow their revenue in 2015. #greenindustrybenchmarkreport https://ctt.ec/0Dbqm+



Need more data recent data? Check out our 2016 Green Industry Benchmark Report, click below!


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