Local SEO for Green Industry Businesses eBook Available


By Taylor Tuomie

Lately, we have been talking a lot about search engine optimization and how it can help green industry businesses. We’ve seen quite a few examples of what not to do online for field service businesses and we’ve also seen our fair share of people who are really nailing the whole Local SEO thing. 


We put together an eBook on the topic that you can download and review, for free! There are plenty of resources on SEO living on the Web, however, none that we could find that were specific to green industry businesses. It doesn’t help businesses with a local area that they service to rank high for certain Google or Bing searches, so it is important to have a few key items and a strategy in place.


In Local SEO for Green Industry Businesses, we cover a strategy for local search engine optimization, some helpful optimizations, tools that you can use to help you rank higher and even some common mistakes that you should avoid!

"We are going to focus on driving traffic to your website that will increase your bottom line!"

Local SEO isn’t the process of ranking highly in all searches. Instead, it is the process of being found online by people that could actually become a customer for green industry businesses.


If you would like to learn more about how to create a great web presence for your business that will rank highly in local searches, click the link below to download the free eBook! 



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