Optimize Your Lawn & Irrigation Business Website for Calls

Optimize Your Lawn & Irrigation Business Website for Calls

Field service businesses need to consistently generate new leads in order to grow. Leads can come from salespeople calling out to customers, your field techs speaking with neighbors of current customers, referrals and, possibly the most important in the Digital Age we live in, your website.

Most forms of lead generation are active, meaning that you actively need to search out leads. But there are a few forms of passive lead generation. Passive lead generation is much cheaper than its counterpart. You don’t need to pay for the man power to seek out new business, you let the business come to you.

One of the best forms of passive lead generation is a well organized website. While websites can be a lot of work to produce and maintain, there are aspects that can be passive on your website. Here are a few ways that you can optimize your field service website for passive lead generation.


Be consistent

One of the most important aspects of local search engine optimization is to be consistent with your business information. If you’re optimizing your website for phone calls, make sure that you list the same exact phone number everywhere. Search engines and people might be confused if you’re listing different business numbers. Be consistent with the phone number that you want new prospects to use when calling in.


Prominent call to action

If you’re trying to generate phone call leads through your website, tell website visitors what to do using action words. Don’t over complicate things, simple call to actions typically will work best. Make your call to action standout by using eye catching colors and an easy to read font.

The best call to actions are ones that direct users what to do. If you have a phone number standing alone, website visitors might not know whether the number is for customer service or whether or not there is an actual person behind the number. Make it clear as to what they’re supposed to do.



Another way that you can increase the effectiveness of your passive lead generation is by making your call to actions clickable. Google has stated that there are more searches on the web coming from phones than they are from desktop. So you need to optimize your site for the people on their mobile devices. Make your phone number clickable. This removes the need for someone to have to copy and paste, write down or have someone read off the number to the person trying to call into your business. Reducing friction in your lead generation process is key to improving your sales process and making your phone number clickable is a way to reduce friction.

Here is a guide to how to do this for your website.


Pay Per Call Ads

If you really want to boost the number of inbound calls you’re receiving online, you may want to consider pay per call ads using Google. You’ve likely seen a form of these when you’ve searched for businesses. Pay per call ads are essentially a quick blurb about what you do and then your business phone number.

Here is a guide to Google AdWords, the service you can create these ads through.


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