5 Recruiting Tips for your Green Industry Business



It can be difficult to find responsible and reliable employees for your green industry business.  The best businesses are those that employ people with unique visions, goals, and life passions. In order to recurit the right people for your business, you need to keep a few things in mind.  The first trick is to be open-minded and thorough, having one cookie-cutter image of an employee in mind will limit your options, and your company. Here are some tips we have found helpful in the past. 

1. Recruit all year long. 

You won't find the best people if you only look at certain times of the year. Recruiting all  year long not only helps you find great employees for your green industry business but it will also get you in the habit of knowing what to look for. Frequently attend job fairs and post in job ads. Get the name of your business out there so those that share your passion can easily find you. 

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2. Remember that all positions are not the same. 

Keep in mind that your business requires a variety of skill sets. Don't get in the habit of looking for one particular type of employee. Be open and ready to employ people that have different talents than you would normally expect. I would say the one rule of thumb when looking to hire, and I have said this already, is to require passion and excitement as a necessity in your employees. Even if they don't have a long-term of goal in working in the green industry, at least try to decipher that they are hard-working and responsible. Perhaps the passion and excitement will come along with the hard work. 


3. Treat your applicants like customers. 

The trick in hiring good employees is conveying the same passion you show to your customers to your prospective employees. Show your excitement and love for the job and they will get excited to work for your company too. Also, treating your applicants like customers also means that you need to SELL your company. Tell them why you need them on your team, why your business is a great place to work, and what you can offer them. 

4. Use a variety of recruitment tools. 

Don't just use one form of recruiting. fliers, help-wanted Signs, business cards, your website, job fairs, PR, local schools, job boards, anything! Be creative and don't just do the run-of-the-mill ways. Think outside of the box. If you are creative and innovative in your hiring process you will attract creative and innovative employees. Build your company by employing people that eager to work - these will be the people that will respond to your variety of recruitment tactics. 

5. Unconventional candidates can be great candidates.

 It's 2014. Landscape and green industry employees don't have to be young men. Women and older candidates can be just as good a choice for your green industry business. If your hiring requirements are more open you won't limit your company and you will have more options for hiring the  best candidates.


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