To Recruit & Keep Employees: Be a good leader with a mission


Being a good boss means being a good leader. The company needs a pilot. One who not only knows how to fly the plane but plans the route. A pilot who not only knows the mission but invites the passengers and crew along.

I strongly recommend taking the course Business Made Simple University created for defining that mission. The course is Mission Statement Made Simple. Well worth the time invested. Join Business Made Simple University to get access to the on-demand class. 

If you are not able to do that, there is a shortcut. The shortcut is not nearly as good but it is much better than not having a mission or a mission no one can remember. The pilot doesn’t take off without a destination.


The Formula

The shortcut is this formula: We are doing X by X because of X. Here are a few examples:

• We are maintaining 2500 sprinkler systems by 2025 because everyone deserves a landscape where they can escape and enjoy life. 
• We are maintaining 3000 lawns by 2025 because everyone deserves a great lawn without spending all their free time maintaining it. 
• We are installing 1500 Hydrawise systems by 2025 because our customers deserve to know they are protecting their landscape without wasting water.

You can do better with your own mission statement if you work at it. I hope the examples I gave inspire you to create one that inspires you and your crew.


Related To Hiring

Small business owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring and retaining employees. We don’t have the name recognition, the brand reach, or the human resources department with specialized recruiters. Green industry contractors; irrigation, lawn, and landscape companies need to offset these disadvantages by inviting ourselves and our crew into a mission with a goal to be accomplished by a set time because we are doing something that matters. Be a leader. Invite people into a mission with a destination and create an advantage to working for your company.



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