Field Service Tech To-Do #1: LABEL STUFF

This is the first in a series of 6 quick to-do's for your field service techs. Things that are easy but effective at helping you build a better business. Let's get to it!

Field Service Tech To-Do #1: Label Stuff


No, I don't mean sit around the shop helping your office manager put labels on envelopes... as much as your office manager might appreciate the help, he or she will eventually kick them back out into the field anyway, so let's just skip that step and get to work.

have your field service techs label equipment!What I'm talking about is putting your company's label - complete with logo and phone number - on every piece of equipment your techs did work on, or could do work on. Your average shipping or address label should work (depending on the type of equipment, and what kind of conditions, weather or otherwise, it'll be subject to), and you can print them up in droves for dirt cheap. Or, look up business labels on Google. You'll find some nicer options (like the one above, from Deluxe) that will stand up to the elements better.

Keep the label as simple as possible. Logo, company name if not stated clearly in the logo, and "For service call [insert your number here]". Make sure the text isn't too small!

What you're doing is removing a step - a barrier, really - between the customer and you. They don't need to look up your number, or do a Google search for related contractors... they just pick up the phone and dial you, no questions asked.

Oh, and one last thing: make sure you cover up or remove any competitors' labels. It seems obvious, but let's make who to call a clear choice, right?

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