Field Service Tech To-Do #6: TELL OTHERS

This is the sixth - and final - in a series of 6 quick to-do's for your field service techs. Things that are easy but effective at helping you build a better business. Let's get to it!

Field Service Tech To-Do #6: Tell Others

Depending on your industry, this may be standard practice, but it's stil worth mentioning. When you finish work for a customers (and that customer is a happy one!), take a minute to put door hangers on their neighbors (or drop off a flyer, if it's commerical) with a simple message:

"We just helped your neighbor with their [irrigation system/ air conditioner/ alarm system/ plumbing]. If you need the same services, contact us for a free [estimate/ consultation/ inspection!]"

hang one on!Obviously tailor it to work for your business and your offer, but don't be afraid give your word-of-mouth marketing a little boost. This little step at the end of a service call invites the new "leads" to go talk to your customer, and their testimonial could cement you in the minds of their neighbors.

So make sure you're confident in the level of service you provide, and make sure you follow up with your customers - they need to be as confident as you are. Because if all of that's true, this is a consistent way to have your field service tech's help you expand awareness in a given area.

Plus, the customers you'll receive (which you might want to think of as referrals, since you are partially dependant on your customer's testimonial) will all be centered around existing customers locations... making your scheduling and routing even more efficient for any regular maintenance or seasonal services.

Need a resource for door hangers? Consider checking out these guys: Focal Point Communications, at We haven't worked with them personally, but I've been getting their emails for a while and they seem to know their stuff. If you work with them, let us know what you think!

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