Field Service Tech To-Do #5: LEAVE A REPORT

This is the fifth in a series of 6 quick to-do's for your field service techs. Things that are easy but effective at helping you build a better business. Let's get to it!

Field Service Tech To-Do #5: Leave A Report

The last post (#4: Find More Work) has you making sure your techs look around the jobsite for more work. We're not saying make something up, but if there are other repairs that can be made immediately, or if there are improvements/upgrades that could be installed in the future, your tech should make a note of it.

And if you use field service software for the assessment, you get an A++Your field service techs are the experts, and because they are currently solving a pain of some kind for your customer they're in a great spot to make recommendations. Some form of leave-behind is an important part of securing more work for your business.

Think of it this way: You talk to a friend, tell them they should really check something out, maybe it's a movie, or a newspaper article. They say that they most definitely will. And then, several weeks later, when you ask them what they thought, they never got around to it. And that's a friend of yours!

Customers are the same way. Your best advice on further improvements - things that could save them some money, or make an area safer or more efficient - may often be taken with the best intentions... but nothing ever happens. You never get that phone call.

So, when your technicians leave a property they should leave a short report:

  1. Here's what the problem was.
  2. Here's how I fixed it.
  3. Here are other areas we could improve for you.
  4. Here are the reasons why you should improve them.
    (i.e. These are the benefits to you, Mr. Customer)

Even if you leave an invoice, we'd still recommend leaving this type of system assessment. It increases your professionalism, and you leave the customer with the "next step" to reaching out to your company again.

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