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How Your Green Industry Business Can Give Back

Feb 20, 2019

How Your Green Industry Business Can Give Back

Feel like your field service business could be giving back to the community you work in a bit more? There are plenty of ways to give back to the community other than donating money. Not that giving money would be a bad way to give back.

But with the skill sets that each of your employees have, there are plenty of different ways to volunteer and to really help out in your area. Here are five ways that your field service business can give back to the community:


GreenCare or SnowCare for Military Families

For lawn maintenance and snow maintenance companies, these are great organizations that you can be a part of. is an organization that helps military families and families of disabled or injured vets get work done around their homes. It is a way to give back to families who have sacrificed a lot for our communities and country.

There are over 10,000 families that this organization has helped since the program was established. Register and see if your business would be able to help out in your location! Their site says that they are always in need of volunteers.


Adopt a Highway

This is a great way to get your employees out in the community and even to get your name out in the open. There are plenty of locations that you can do this. It saves states millions of dollars a year so they are more than happy to get more people involved.

One great benefit of this is that most states will put up some signage for the stretch of highway that you adopted. If you do Adopt a Highway, you typically will have to clean up the side of the roads twice a year, for two years. The state will also provide you with vests, trash bags and other materials that you need to clean up.


Sponsor a Youth Program

Your service company could sponsor a youth program. For instance, offer to pay for the jerseys for a youth baseball or softball team. Or, again if you have expertise in an area that you could help out with, sponsor programs through volunteering time.

You could provide the upkeep for football fields or baseball diamonds. This would be a great way to show your mowing chops, too. Not much better than a great looking ball field!


Donate time for Park Cleanups and Improvement

Another possible way to get your business out in the community and doing some good for the community. A lot of field service businesses provide services that could greatly benefit parks in your town or city. Try contacting your local parks and rec. department and see how you can help out.

Maybe you can help plant some trees in a park, or maybe you can offer up your mowing services once or twice a month. A lot of field service businesses will have the equipment to help out with these things. Find something that you’re company is good at that can benefit your community.


Habitat for Humanity

This is an amazing cause that helps out families in need through building homes and providing no-profit loans for families so they can work towards purchasing the home they're living in. They have over 2 million volunteers and operate all around the world. This is an awesome way to not only utilize the skills you have from your trade, but also a great way to learn new skills. I was talking with a friend awhile back who is a carpenter by trade, but was learning a lot from the electricians that he worked with from Habitat for Humanity.


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